What is the CEON Foundation?

Leadership can feel isolating, whether you’re at the top or on your way there. The CEON Foundation breaks through this isolation by connecting Atlanta’s leaders, from seasoned C-suite executives to ambitious rising stars. Here, you’re part of a community that gets it—the highs and lows of leadership and the value of giving back through a purposeful approach.

What sets us apart? It’s the genuine, transparent, critical connections our members form. Through a mix of carefully chosen events and mentorship opportunities, we foster relationships that are both meaningful and supportive. Our lineup includes:

  • Exclusive Events: Dive deep into topics that matter with leaders who’ve been there.
  • Happy Hours: Casual meet-ups to unwind and connect with our broader community.
  • Lunch With A Purpose: Small, focused gatherings led by Michael Moore for impactful networking.
  • Mentorship Programs: Pairing with EMBA students and Ron Clark Academy alumni for mutual growth.
  • Quarterly C-Suite Circle Dinners: High-level discussions in an intimate setting.
  • Ron Clark Academy Events: Bringing together members, their families, and sponsors for a unique experience.

Born from CEO Netweavers in 2021, CEON Foundation aims to enrich the legacy of connecting leaders in meaningful ways. Our members wanted more quality time with each other and more impactful ways to contribute to the next generation’s success. This led to the transformation into CEON Foundation, enhancing our focus on developing principled executives and expanding our scholarship efforts.

In a world full of networks that keep you at arm’s length, CEON Foundation invites you into a circle where leaders thrive together, sharing wisdom and paving the way for those who follow.

Our Approach


We recognize that the path to the top—and the experience of being there—can often feel lonely. Our mission is to bridge this gap, creating a community where leaders, regardless of their stage in the journey, find camaraderie, support, and understanding through shared service and action.

Networking is essential to business, yet not always fulfilling. It’s the actions taken and the values demonstrated in service alongside one another that deepen these connections, fostering relationships built on trust and mutual respect. It’s here, in the act of giving back and mentoring, that leaders truly reveal their character and forge lasting bonds.


Service as Connection

Our community thrives on connection and shared experiences. By engaging in uniquely suited purposeful activities, our members not only contribute their expertise but also share their leadership narratives, overcoming challenges, and celebrating successes together. This collective service becomes a powerful conduit for connection, transcending the conventional networking model.

Collective Impact

The CEON Foundation leverages the diverse skills and experiences of its members to make a tangible difference. Whether it’s through guiding emerging businesses via our Inflection Point program or supporting developing companies and leaders, our initiatives are designed to maximize our collective impact. These efforts not only benefit the broader community but also enrich our members’ personal and professional development.

Mentorship at Every Level

Mentorship is the cornerstone of our foundation, embodying our belief in the transformative power of sharing knowledge and experience. From our partnerships with educational institutions like the Ron Clark Academy to mentorship programs for EMBA students to guiding those from our members’ companies, we’re dedicated to nurturing the next generation of principled leaders. Our mentorship initiatives offer:


        • Ron Clark Academy Partnership: A testament to our commitment, pairing alumni now attending college with leaders who guide, support, and inspire, paving their way to success.
        • EMBA Student Mentorship: Bridging theory and practice, this program connects MBA candidates with executives, offering real-world insights and fostering leadership skills.
        • Inflection Point Program: Aiming for a relaunch, this initiative showcases our commitment to community and business growth, providing strategic guidance to companies at pivotal moments.

At the CEON Foundation, we’re more than a network of leaders; we’re a community united by a shared mission to lift as we climb, ensuring no leader feels the journey is a solitary one.

What if I Do Not Have Time to Serve?

Limited Time? Your Support Still Counts.

We get it—time is a precious commodity. If your schedule doesn’t allow for active participation, consider supporting our mission through donations or sponsorships. Every contribution, as a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, fuels our initiatives, helping us maintain a lean operation while maximizing direct support for impactful scholarships and programs.

Use of Foundation Funds

How We Use Your Donations

Transparency and efficiency guide our use of funds. Here’s how we ensure your generosity makes the biggest impact:


90% to Scholarships

We’re proud that 90% of all donations directly fund scholarships, supporting the Ron Clark Academy alumni and other future leaders.
Learn more here.

Comprehensive Support

Other scholarships cover tuition and board, leaving students to struggle covering books, living expenses, and travel expenses to see family. Learn more here. 

Lean Operation

Leveraging technology and volunteer efforts, we keep our overhead low, ensuring your donations go where they’re needed most. Become a member.

Your support empowers us to nurture the next generation of leaders, making a tangible difference in their lives and the broader community.


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