Member Donor Programs

Would you benefit from becoming part of a caring and sharing community of leaders wired the same way?  Would you find the trust and respect in each other inherent in such a group refreshing? Would you like to Pay-It-Forward by helping others with peers from the Atlanta area  – even though you are very busy with your own career?  

The CEON Foundation is somewhat unique.  We have a:

      • Membership arm focused helping others and each other by sharing our wisdom and experience
      • Philanthropic arm focused on helping alumni of the world-renowned Ron Clark Academy via scholarships, also with a mentor.

Our Donors appreciate that the Ron Clark Academy provides us with applicants that are already high potential, and love that our scholarship awards include a mentor.

Our Member Donors want to go beyond financial support.  Their ethos of living finds joy in using their wisdom and experience to help elevate others.  Because they are busy they appreciate that we do the vetting to help them plug in to opportunities that are the right fit.  Member Donors:

      • Have opportunities to meet regularly with other members to develop deep and meaningful relationships.  No speakers or program – just conversations. 
      • Serve as mentors for EMBA candidates and our scholarship winners, and/or as panelists in our Inflection Program which helps CEO’s of early-stage companies who have an opportunity they way to develop, or need to navigate through an obstacle.
      • Pay no dues.  Instead make a tax-deductible donation to the CEON Foundation.

For a bit of additional context.  If you are a Kettering member you are already committed to the Pay-It-Forward approach – yet most of your focus is career oriented.  We offer the opportunity to broaden your impact. 

If you are a Turknett Leadership Group client you want to “unleash your potential” and create the underlying character that will make you and your family proud.  We can be a natural and rewarding part of that journey.

Please keep clicking to learn more about our Member Donor and Donor options.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


  • Current or past C-Suite role or $100m+ P&L in a public company — or President/CEO of a privately held company with $5+ million annual revenue 


  • Quarterly dinners evolving into a Forum approach 

Serving others activities:

  • Can secure peer approval to include someone they are grooming for a C-Suite role, and can also participate in our Mentor Donor group


  • Business leadership credentials to be sought as a mentor accompanied desire to multiple principled leadership in Georgia.


  • Monthly gatherings designed to get to know each other to build the basis for helping and connecting, alternating between ‘Lunch with a Purpose’ and Happy Hours.  No speakers to maximize interaction time, and to provide arrival/departure flexibility helpful to busy people.

Serving others activities:

  • Mentoring RCA alumni and EMBA candidates, and our Inflection Point program (panel of members helping small businesses sort through an opportunity or a challenge) 

Neither Member Donor category has any dues.  Instead a minimum $500 tax-deductible annual donation to the Foundation is expected.

Leadership Team

Thank you to our Members who make this all work.

Kelly Biggs: Events Chair

Nick Hendricks: Membership Chair

Scott Ward: Mentor Chair

Inflection Point Program Team


TBD: Sourcing Companies

Bruce Neurohr: Vetting Applications

TBD: Recruiting Panelists and Scheduling

If you are seeking ways to make a bigger difference despite your busy schedule and want to be part of a group that combines philanthropy, personal growth, and meaningful connections we are here for you.

To ensure that we maintain our core values Membership is by invitation only. Please complete and submit our Interest Form so that we can initiate a dialogue with you to ensure a mutual fit.

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