Member Donor Programs

Welcome to CEON Foundation’s Member Donor Page!


At CEON Foundation, we have created two membership groups for donors who contribute financially and want to help others with their time and talent. The Mentor Donor and C-Suite Circle offer a unique and caring community that is refreshingly different from typical business networking groups.

Our membership groups are designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Appreciate peers: We believe in building strong relationships within our community. To foster this, we organize gatherings and events that allow members to get to know and appreciate each other without speakers.
  2. Give back through advising, mentoring, and connecting: Our members can positively impact by offering their expertise, guidance, and connections to others within the community. One example is NetWeaving, a practice that focuses on creating trusted relationships by connecting individuals who can benefit from meeting each other or sharing valuable resources. NetWeaving is other-centered, unlike traditional networking, which tends to be self-centered.

Our foundational cornerstone is Netweaving.  When one Netweaves, the first thought is “How can I help you?” rather than “How can you help me?”

We believe in the power of mentoring, both formal and informal. Formal mentoring is most rewarding when the mentee has high potential and is matched with a mentor with relevant credentials. We collaborate with EMBA programs, the Ron Clark Academy and other institutions to carefully match our members with vetted mentees. Many incredible impact stories have emerged from these partnerships. Informal mentoring occurs naturally during our conversations and interactions as we help and support each other.

Our organization does not have any dues.  Instead, we ask each Member to donate at least $500 annually to our Foundation to help support our Scholarship program. This gift is tax deductible. We do have membership qualifications:


  • Public Company Qualifications:  Past or present C-Suite or responsibility for full P&L of $100m+
  • Private Company/Non-Profit Qualifications:  Past or present President/CEO of organization with $5m+ in annual revenues
  • Pay-It-Forward oriented


  • Dinners – Typically quarterly
  • Invitation to all Mentor Donor gatherings


  • Business management experience and wisdom to be a credible mentor
  • Pay-It-Forward oriented


  • Monthly alternating between Lunch with a Purpose discussions and Happy Hour venues

Leadership Team

Thank you to our Members who make this all work.

Kelly Biggs: Events Chair

Nick Hendricks: Membership Chair

Scott Ward: Mentor Chair

If you are seeking ways to make a bigger difference despite your busy schedule and want to be part of a group that combines philanthropy, personal growth, and meaningful connections we are here for you.

To ensure that we maintain our core values Membership is by invitation only. Please complete and submit our Interest Form so that we can initiate a dialogue with you to ensure a mutual fit.

Interest Form