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Introducing CEO Netweavers and the CEON Foundation to our scholarship applicantsCEO Netweavers is an engaged and diverse community of current and former CEO’s and a select group of trusted advisors committed to freely sharing their relationships, knowledge and skills while cultivating trusted relationships.

We do this by actively engaging in outreach programs that help the business community as well as programs that help each other as we grow and expand our businesses.

Our outreach programs include:

  • Inflection Point (helping smaller companies navigate a problem or opportunity)
  • Mentoring EMBA candidates at Kennesaw State University, Georgia Tech and Georgia State University
  • Our Entrepreneurship Program
  • And now our CEON Scholarship Program. 

Across these outreach programs we seek to contribute our expertise and experience, along with our Pay-It-Forward culture.

About our scholarships:  We have chosen a two-pronged approach that augments traditional major and full scholarships.   As Ron Clark Academy helped us understand, too often a very promising student with a full scholarship either has to work 1 – 2 part time jobs while on campus, take time off, or drop out because they or their family lacks the funds for incidental expenses and occasional trips home.   Working part-time while at a top college/university means missing out on the chance to build lifetime relationships and to participate in academic areas of exploration on campus.  The CEON Foundation Scholarships help to close that gap. It also includes a mentor to help students better understand how to make the most of their academic opportunity and prepare for their career beyond, including strategies and connections for relevant internships.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must:

  • Be alumni of the Ron Clark Academy  in good standing
  • Have been awarded a full-ride or major scholarship to a National University, Liberal Arts College or HBCU that is ranked among the top 50 institutions according to U.S. News & World Reports
  • Be actively enrolled with a full academic load for the fall semester/term
  • Demonstrate financial need beyond the scholarships
  • Define how a CEO Netweaver Mentor can be a major help

Award Levels: Applicants chosen for scholarship awards* will receive:

  • Cash award of $3,500 – $7,500 for incidental expenses and travel, payable beginning January.  The award amount within that range will be determined by a combination of student need and available scholarship funds.
  • CEO Netweaver Mentor assigned at time of notification of award
  • Invitations to all CEO Netweavers meetings – to help further grow connections

* The awards are non-renewable; however, applicants may reapply. 

Expectations of Scholars:

  • Signs and returns acknowledgement regarding compliance with Scholar Expectations
  • Maintains open lines of communications with Mentor an average of every  three weeks, sharing both the good and the challenges
  • Notifies Mentor of any change in scholarship eligibility and/or academic performance issues
  • Strives to participate in CEO Netweaver meetings either remotely or when visiting Atlanta or Houston
  • Writes a summary at the conclusion of the Spring semester/term outlining  how the scholarship and Mentor made a difference, and summarizing expectations vs. what was actually experienced
  • Agrees to be photographed and interviewed for fundraising purposes for the CEON Foundation

Application Process:  Applications must be completed on our web site at  by midnight November 6, 2022.

Applications will be reviewed and awarded by the CEON Foundation Scholarship Committee.

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