The CEO Netweavers Journey

 In the early 2000’s a group of executives in Dallas decided that instead of competing with each other for career opportunities. They wanted to help each other by sharing info and job opportunities.. They discovered NetWeaving, and invited Bob Littell to Dallas to learn more.

Bob shared the three skill sets and the ethos of Netweaving.

• Purposeful connecting of and gratuitous resource providing, for others, with their needs in mind rather than just their own
• In conjunction with the above, building a trusted resource network made up of exceptionally talented like minded servant leaders.
• After helping someone, rather than expecting to be “paid back” Netweavers simply ask those whom they have helped to “pay-it-forward” and help someone else.

As a result of their adoption of that “pay-it-forward” ethos he authorized the trademark use of the CEO Netweaver name.  The organization grew to 300+ members, and after several years the idea of Chapters in other cities was put on the table.  Bob, together with Jim Deupree and two others, were invited to come to Dallas to experience how they operated.  Duly impressed, the team returned and Jim created and operationalized the Atlanta Chapter and became the leader.

The Atlanta Chapter evolved, with a continued focus on Netweaving and servant leadership.  Outreach was augmented by tapping our experience to mentor EMBA candidates and to help early stage companies via teams we organized.  As that evolved, the Chapter grew to 80 members.  The Atlanta Chapter helped 70 early stage companies and mentored more than 100 EMBA candidates

Unfortunately the Dallas Chapter ended up with some differences of opinion regarding their focus, and ultimately disbanded.  The Atlanta Chapter continued to flourish, and in 2021 expanded its reach by forming a 501C3 Foundation.  Next came a partnership with the Ron Clark Academy that provided mentors and scholarships to their alumni now attending top universities as the recipient of the Foundation.

Meanwhile, as COVID dragged on, Zoom sessions just did not provide the same trusted connection development and mentoring opportunities as face-face.  Attempts to hold dual format (Zoom + face-face) meetings were more costly, and still not as ideal.  As 2023 unfolded it became obvious that while the ethos was still fabulous a new operating model was needed.  That is now in place, succeeding CEO Netweavers.  To learn more (link to CEON Foundation web site)