Ron Clark Academy Scholarship Program


The CEON Foundation was created to help alumni from the nationally acclaimed Ron Clark Academy now attending college make the most of their educational opportunity through a combination of:

  • Additional financial support that eliminates the need to work several jobs while at school, enabling them to spend time with noted professors, participate in professional areas of interest and build a social network that is invaluable in future years. The money goes directly to the student in five equal payments.
  • Mentoring that guides them in making the most of their college opportunity by taking advantage of building a lifetime network, helping them attain internships and taking advantage of extra projects with noted professors in their field of interest.

Since our founding in 2021 as a 501C3 tax deductible organization we have awarded ten scholarships of $3,500 plus a mentor.  Feedback from our recipients indicates that both are life changing.  Our goal for 2024 is to substantially increase the number of recipients.


Our heritage is CEO Netweavers — an organization of senior leaders whose Members seek to make an impact by sharing their experiences and wisdom through mentoring and trusted peer conversations.  It also offered the  opportunity to be part of a small community of like minded givers, committed to helping each other as well as others.

Spotlighting two of our 2022 Scholarship Winners

Kendall — Graduated from Miami U this May, after seeing her family over the holidays for the first time in four years thanks to our Scholarship.  Then she landed her dream job in Miami with the help of a connection made by our Mentor.

Wade — Our first two-time winner.  Will graduate in May as an Aerospace Engineer with dual degrees from Georgia Tech (which is tied for top AE program with MIT) and Moorehouse College.  Has been working as an intern with Lockheed Martin, and they love him.

About The Ron Clark Academy

We are excited to have partnered with the internationally renowned Ron Clark Academy (RCA) as our first scholarship partner. Your donations go to help alumni of RCA continue the incredible trajectory they are already on.

About RCA

The Ron Clark Academy (RCA) is a highly-acclaimed, nonprofit middle school located in Southeast Atlanta. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality educational experience where global citizens are born through engaging teaching methods, academic excellence, relationship building, and a passionate climate and culture.

The school purposely enrolls students from diverse academic, social, emotional and economic backgrounds and equips them with the knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits that are essential for success in high school, college, and life.

Students at the Ron Clark Academy do not pay any tuition.  They pay only a modest monthly fee for uniforms, lunches, etc.  This unique feature removes economic status as a consideration.  Relying on teacher recommendations, interviews and assessments they also consciously curate each incoming class with:

      • 1/3 with attention/focus challenges
      • 1/3 with discipline/behavior challenges
      • 1/3 already excellent students

The amazing results of their approach are:

      • 100% of RCA alumni graduate from high school and 91% attend college or a university
      • Of the alumni who attend college, 35% attend either a Top 50 National University, Top 50 Liberal Arts College, or a Top 10 HBCU

We are thrilled to have their alumni as our funnel of applicants. Please help us help these high-potential students become future leaders.