The Ron Clark Academy

The Four Pillars of the Ron Clark Academy’s Success:

Family-Like Atmosphere

Student’s homes are visited by RCA staff members before they begin their first day of school.

Students experience a sense of belongingness and connectedness by being a member of one of the four RCA houses.

Students can contribute points to their house, by demonstrating above the line attitude, effort or ability.

Parents are required to volunteer at least 40 hours at RCA

Optimal Learning Environment

Students are taught by a diverse group of passionate educators who promote creativity, innovation, wonder, joy, and a passion for learning.

Teachers model the behavior they want to see in students. Standards are high for academic excellence, conduct, communication and personal accountability.

Lesson plans and academic resources reflect the identity and values of the students.

Cultural Immersion and Global Education

Diversity and different cultures are celebrated and reflected in every aspect of student life.

Students participate in weekly schoolwide meetings to discuss current events in the world.

Students are taught about the world and travel to experience the cultures first han

Socio Emotional Curriculum

RCA is intentional about teaching students poise, self-confidence and how to present themselves and communicate in a professional environment.

RCA students annually participate in the Amazing Shake, a schoolwide competition that tests each student’s ability to navigate professional environments, solve problems and perform under pressure.

Alumni Stories

RCA Alumni A attends an Ivy League institution after a successful Ron Clark Academy and high school career. Their scholarship covers tuition plus room and board. They have had to take on jobs to cover additional expenses such as extra meals, travel for home visits, and more.  This alumni student is an incredible leader. Unfortunately, they are unable to involve themselves in experiential internships and campus organizations because of their need to work and make ends meet.

Another student, RCA Alumni B attends a highly-ranked university. They spent their freshman semester at home due to COVID, but then had difficulty returning to campus for the second semester because their partial scholarship did not cover all of their housing expenses. Like RCA Alumni A, this alumni has had to focus on a number of odd jobs to cover incidental living expenses. RCA Alumni B has the potential to continue changing the world in a major way if given the opportunity to channel those energies towards their career aspirations without the need to continue working for living essentials.